Hotel with lounge bar near Spanish Steps Rome

Spagna Royal Suite: Elegance and Entertainment in the Spanish Steps

Welcome to Spagna Royal Suite, hotel with lounge bar just a few steps from the Spanish Steps. Inside the "Galerie Maison Naim," we present Chez Moi Rome, a unique Cocktail & Lounge Bar, where contemporary art blends harmoniously with the gastronomic experience.

Art, Cocktail and Taste

In an innovative environment dedicated to art, Chez Moi Rome offers a unique artistic dimension. The preparation of cocktails, inspired by molecular cuisine, and the choice of dishes with high gastronomic ingredients are the quintessence of quality, style and taste.

Creative Mixology

From classics to new originals, each glass is a small masterpiece of mixology. Cocktails made with champagne, rum, brandy, whiskey and cognac are enriched with spices, aromas and fragrant essences, offering an extraordinary sensory experience.

International Atmosphere

The ambiance of Chez Moi Rome is cosmopolitan, blending sophistication, simplicity and eclecticism. The philosophy open to cultural and social contaminations makes this place an international haven of elegance.

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Unique Entertainment

Live music with jam sessions, sax and piano, starting in the late afternoon, creates a magical atmosphere that will transport you to distant times and places. A unique energy will enrapture your senses, offering an unforgettable experience.

Exclusive Location

Located inside the prestigious Galerie Maison Naim, Chez Moi Rome offers a complete experience of elegance, art and entertainment, making your stay in the Spanish Steps unique and memorable.

Experience the elegance and art of Chez Moi Rome at Spagna Royal Suite, a hotel with lounge bar on the Spanish Steps in Rome!